Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions for the Roller Disco?

Only at our Over 18's Roller Discos events.

No alcoholic drinks are served during our Family Roller Discos events but at our Over 18's Roller Disco events we have a fully licensed bar. You may be asked for photo ID such as a passport or driving licence on entry to the Roller Disco venue if you are blessed with youthful looks!

Can you drink alcoholic drinks at the Roller Disco?

Of course, but please bear in mind that you will be asked to remove your skates if your consumption of alcohol negatively affects your ability to skate. If you do want to drink alcohol it's recommended that every other drink you have is a soft drink such as water, this way you will stay well hydrated and be able to skate for longer.

I am a student - do I get a discount?

Yes, students receive between £1 - £2 off the regular entry price depending on the venue, but you must produce your NUS card on entry to the venue.

Do I have to be able to skate before I can come?

Not at all, Superfunk Roller Disco caters for first-timers to advanced skaters. Qualified skate coaches will be on hand to give you some basic instruction if you're really struggling to stay upright and by the end of the night you'll have the glide in your stride and the dip in your hip!

Will I hurt myself?

If you've never skated before, chances are that you will fall over at some point in the night. We offer free hire of wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, and helmets which will greatly lessen the pain when you fall and keep your knees bruise free! The most common injuries sustained during skating are sprained/broken wrists, as it's a natural reaction to put your hands out when you fall - so please take wrist guards from the skate hire counter if nothing else.

What kind of hire skates do you have?

We have lots (too many to count but it's more than 1200 pairs) of roller boots or quads as they are commonly called, ranging from UK 8 junior and UK 13 adult. We have a combination of 'disco' style soft boot skates and hardshell skates. For beginners we recommend the use of hardshell skates as they offer full ankle support. Our skates are maintained to a safe working condition, however if you do have a problem during skating (sometimes a stopper will work itself loose) please speak to one of the skate marshals.

Can I bring my own skates?

Yes, you can bring your own roller or inline skates to the Roller Disco but you must ensure they are in a maintained and in a safe working condition. Please be aware that you may be searched on entry or exit to the venue.

How long can I skate for?

Once you pay for hire skates they are yours to keep on your feet until the event finishes.

What music will be playing?

Roller Disco is about having a good time, so expect to hear funk and disco classics, electro grooves, hip hops beats and soulful treats. Basically it's music to make you roll, groove and funk out. If funk and disco's not your thing, we guarantee you'll have a great time anyway once you strap on a pair of skates.

What do I have to wear?

Whatever you like! We do encourage fancy dress, legwarmers, sweatbands, crazy wigs and 70's and 80's gear, as it all adds to the fun atmosphere of Roller Disco. Once you're rolling you'll probably get quite warm, so no need for gloves or winter coats.

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